Welcome to Our Estate

At Clare Estate we’re all about simple things. Growing food and sharing it with people around us. Since the early beginnings in 1901, this parcel of earth has been home to many families, a listener to countless stories and a teacher of many students. Our biodynamic olive grove, orchards and gardens bring an abundance year after year. Handpicked and processed on site. Direct from us to you.

Our Garden, Your Table.

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Our Olive Groves

Boy, do we love olives! 

A whole grove of them. We pick them and press them into this extra unadulterated olive oil…

Ok, fine, extra virgin olive oil. 

Here at Clare Estate we like to keep things simple – grow and eat good food, have a laugh and spend time with family and friends. With Italian blood in our veins, we make no compromise about the olive oil and neither should you. 

Grown on a North facing slope on our biodynamic family farm in the Clare Valley, our olive trees live the Mediterranean lifestyle of hot summers and cold winters. This results in a fruit that is rich in flavour & is a pure delight drizzled over fresh bread or dressing for a salad. And if you are more adventurous, try it with our dukkah, use it for focaccia, olive oil short bread or another culinary creation fuelled by the  explosion of flavours that cultivate culinary ideas. 

It is simple. And it is not. Thousands of years throughout history have given olive oil many uses, stories and opportunities to shine. 

Our Garden, Your Table